Social Class Of United States Family 2021

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Social Class Of United States Family 2021

How does family life in the United States vary by social class
Family life varies significantly in the united states by social class as social class according to the four-class model is divided into four categories upper class, middle class, working-class and lower class.

Upper Class
Upper-class families are such families that have amassed wealth and are the most privileged class by far owning spacious homes and having many holdings furthermore men in such study are mostly corporate workers at high positions and the wives are less likely to work for a living, they are considered the elite of the classes.

Middle Class
Whereas, middle-class families are such families that have noticeably superior houses can afford certain privileges; furthermore, this class has a college education and jobs men usually get are decent at a corporate level such as officers in office and business whereas women professionals work in professions that require some college diploma. In this class, parents put great emphasis on independence and self-direction while raising children.

Working Class
Whereas working-class families have the bare basic to full fill minimum needs to live a decent life have enough to get their children to enroll into college in this class women earn more than men and are less likely to work a full week. In this class, women-centered kinships networks are observed as men alone cannot provide for the family; furthermore, parents in this class tend to emphasize and promote obedience.

Lower Class
Finally, the lower class cannot fulfill needs for decent basic life and have to work low paying jobs and are frequently unemployed, their children do not attend schools or have little education this class mostly resides in neighborhoods where the crime rate is high mainly, they are unable to afford clothes in winter and primarily depend on government-provided food stamps. Death from substance abuse is mostly noticed among this class than any other type due to their living of standard.

After a thorough study of the report "The American Family Today," the research findings of this report can be broken and discussed into four parts, the first decline of two-parent households second the rise of single-parent families third the shrinking American family, and finally rise of births to unmarried women.

The decline of a two-parent household is rapidly increasing as compared to 1960. Many children live with one parent as in the past the children were living with two parents. This decline is due to factors such as cohabitation, divorce, and remarriages in the United States. Furthermore, Americans now are exiting marriage at an alarming rate, which adds to the factor of decline in a two-parent household.

The rise of the single-parent family is excellent as to what was seen in the past, now Asian children are far more likely to live with both parents than black and those with less than high school education. Simultaneously, college grads and white people are still expected to be in a two-parent household. However, a single parent's trend is on the rise with black children and those with less than a high school diploma are more likely to be living in a single-parent household.

The American family's shrinkage is now increasing as now the fertility rate has declined drastically compared to what was seen in the 1960s. The mean age for women who have children has increased to 26, which was 21 in 1960 due to this factor, women have fewer children compared to the 1960s.

Finally, the rise of births to unmarried women is now more comparable to what was seen in 1960 women as seen in multiple graphs in this report who has less education are more likely to have children without marriage, furthermore with cohabitation on the rise unmarried women are now giving more births as compared to 1960

Final Thought
After a careful study of this report, they have a two-parent household on the decline. In contrast, cohabitation and divorce and remarriages are on the rise; furthermore, fertility has decreased in women. Their priorities have changed due to now the accessibility of jobs and education as they rather have children at a later age than what was noticed in the 1960s. Furthermore, black children are more likely to be living with a single parent. In contrast, Asian children are most likely to be living with both parents. Vast advice that any topic gives is learned from the past experiences of the people who had with that particular product. Suppose we have to decide to purchase for a business. We will follow Online Business Tools Review and if that is in real need then we will go for that particular thing.

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